Wednesday, September 09, 2009


You love the crowd... a party animal! Too many “friends”, you can’t easily tell which among them is rea...l and not...

You hide your emotions... Sometimes pretending to be always happy. Sometimes, not giving even a hint of what you really feel.

You love deeply... you may flirt along and people think you’re a playboy/playgirl but the truth is: your heart belongs to only one.

You appreciate simple things in life... You hate complicating things that’s why you’re typically up-front in any aspect.

You’re an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend... You don’t care if your partner doesn’t really love you as long as you love him/her. You give your all...

You’re intimidating! People have an impression that you’re elite—or if not, you simply look sophisticated. You gain praises but not companions.

You love actions... with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect persons/things that are important to you.

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Cici said...

"party animal". ya ampun, lo binatang pesta? macemnya semut atau singa sirkus??

heheh ga penting bgt dah komen gue..=P eh maen ke blog eke juga yaak