Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ketika semuanya tidak peduli

that's the time that you should do everything on your own. It just a thing that i guess almost everybody had experienced it.

Last night, i came in to a meeting with OHU committee. Yup, right! Last NIGHT. Was i tired? Yes, indeed. My head was so full of something" that they talked about.. Then when it comes the time for Gamais individually, i became blank.

My brain can not be pushed anymore. I didnt know what should i write, i ask, i know.. Ough!!! So hate it!

It just my problem or what? That i feel really tired last night. Well, i have to appreciate them after all. The committee spend their time for me, for Gamais's LO. Yeah, i know. I have to respect them. It just... i was tired.

And still tired now...

Oooohh... my head!!! Another meeting in one hour....

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